Benefits of Having a Wooden Watch in Your Collection

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In this era when everything seems to be smart, it looks as if traditional watches have gone extinct. Well, traditional watches remain one of the most popular accessories that men and women wear. Various designs and styles are available in the market for consumers. In the last ten years, watch manufacturers have offered a variety of features on their watches.

Wooden watches are quite sustainable, stylish and most of all unique. Check out a few of the benefits that wooden watches have to offer:


Renewable Resource

Wood can be described as a renewable resource. There are various options of wood watches for both men and women. You can choose from these options to give your loved one a perfect gift.

Most manufacturers produce their watches from woods that are recycled. These woods are gotten from parts of the world. In addition, they replace each watch sold by planting a tree. By doing this, it seeks to secure the future of the environment as well as the wooden watch industry.


Great Look

There are various styles and materials of wood watches that you can use from. This range from wood watches, bamboo wood watches, cottonwood, etc. Wooden watches can fit anything you wear giving you a great and stylish look. Most manufacturers have, in fact, started selling unisex sunglasses made from wood.

A great benefit of wooden watches is they can be dressed up or down. A button shirt and some jeans or khakis make a great look with your wooden watch. Just be sure to pick a color that won’t clash with the watch, so if the watch is a reddish color a red shirt may not be the best choice. If you need to be fancier than a button shirt you can throw on a suit and your wooden watch will help you stand out of the crowd because it is unique and different.


Non Heat-Sensitive

Metal and leather watches have the tendency to get hot and even increase or decrease based on the level of moisture. Wooden watches are not like this at all as they are very resistant to heat and water so you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers or wrists burnt. Wood is in fact much lighter than the normal watches made from metal.

Wooden watches are beautiful fashion statements and are quite sustainable. They are the perfect gift item as they suit anyone. You should totally consider gifting a wood watch.

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