Tips for Buying Your First Wooden Watch

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Due to recent technological developments, most young people feel that there is really no need to spend money buying watches. Wrist watches may not seem as important as they used to be but they are still quite popular. 86% of people have wrist watches. Most people usually go for stainless steel watches. Wooden watches are however much more unique than the traditional stainless steel watches.

A watch does more than keep track of the time. It can be a reflection of your personality and fashion statement, or it can be the perfect accessory to go with your lifestyle. On top of that wooden watches have a quality and craftsmanship to them, which standard metal or plastic watches don’t have. As long as you take care of your wooden watch as it should be, it will run accurately for years to come.

Choosing a watch that satisfies your needs and visual preferences are essential, and there are a lot of things to consider when buying one; such as the movement, strap and case material its made of. Watches can be made from metals, such as stainless steel, brass alloy, platinum, and from woods. Not only are wooden watches the more sustainable choice, they are also lightweight, unique, and durable enough for the outdoor adventurer.

Here are a few tips to guide you in your purchase of your first wooden watch:


Where To Buy

You need to take note of where you buy your wooden watch. Don’t just buy it anywhere. Never purchase your watch from a kiosk in a mall or a retailer that is selling it temporarily. This is because a kiosk can be here today and disappear the next day.

If you buy it from any of these places, you will most likely get them at exuberant prices. You can also not be too sure of their quality. The watches sold in these places will look like they are top quality, but are most likely made from low quality wood.

It is advisable to buy a wooden watch online from a reputable brand. This is your best option. Do a quick research on the company you are buying from, you can read the customer reviews and check the ratings. Reach out to the customer service team if you have any queries regarding price or quality.


Wooden Watch Varieties

There are different variants of wooden watches available in the market. These watches are made from any kind of wood and are sustain-ably sourced in most cases. Most wooden watch manufacturers get materials for their watches from different recycled woods around the world. The good thing about wooden watches is that they are not specific to any gender. Styles and designs may, however, vary depending on the gender.

If you want your watch to stand out even more you can have mixes of types of woods, or woods of the same type stained differently. You can mix and match differently providing unlimited options. Wood watches have a craftsmanship that metal watches lack. Since the wood has to be carved, which is normally done by hand, the watch stands out and has an individualistic quality.


Warranty & Repairs

Another thing to check before buying a wooden watch is if it has a warranty. Your watch might require servicing in the long run. Such services should be provided by the company where you bought the watch from. Don’t buy a watch that has no warranty. You should also make sure that the watch can be adjusted. Wooden watches are not to be worn loosely. They should be adjusted to fit your wrist size.

All in all, you should be excited to buy your first wooden wrist watch. Ensure you go for the best, weigh your options and don’t settle for a cheap quality watch. To get the best quality, you should check on us and you’d be glad you did. Currently, we have launched three styles of wooden watches just for you. Do have a great shopping experience.

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