A Wooden Watch Could Be That Perfect Gift

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It is usually difficult to get the ‘perfect gift’. Getting a gift that can be described as perfect will require some effort. The kind of gift you give shows how important the recipient is. You would also want something that is stylish, elegant, authentic and reliable. This is because the gift is a reflection of who you are.

There are a lot of people in search of a perfect gift. This has led to the purchase of unique items made from wood. Wood is natural and reflects beauty and strength. It in fact possesses a unique character. A wooden gift is also quite eco-friendly as well as sustainable.

Today, wooden watches have become a very popular gift item. Watches made from wood are quite new as they just appeared a few years ago. Wood watches that were made in those early days were not quite attractive as they looked more like watches for children.

The story is different today as we have wood watches that are not just elegant but also stylish. These watches come in different shapes like rectangle, circle or square. The design of these watches helps in differentiating fine wood from cheap wood. The cases are usually thin and not so obvious while the diameter of the face is classic or large.

The wood from which these watches are made vary in terms of quality and beauty. The Sandalwood is used to make simple wood watches. This is because sandal wood can be easily cut and shaped. Bamboo on the other hand is a strong, lightweight, and naturally water-resistant material that is perfect for producing watches. Ebony wood is tough and can handle a lot of wear-and-tear without looking worse.

Did you know that each wooden watch is 100% unique, since it’s not manufactured and is instead harvested. If you’re looking for a watch that’s different and unique, then a wooden watch is definitely the accessory for you.

Majority of wood watches comes with quartz movements. Be careful with companies that do not have an idea of where the quartz movements of their watches are made. It is important for a retailer to know where the quartz movement is made and if it is from a reputable company.

Some people probably think that wood watches are not strong, such that they cannot be used every day. It is advisable to think again. This is because a wood watch looks better as you wear it for long. The wood patina in fact becomes richer and shinier as a result of the oils from the skin. You will not even need to polish a wood watch. All you need to do is change the battery once in every two years.

Wood is perfect for engraving and there are variety of reasons why one would want a custom engraved wooden watch. Whether you just want your watch to be custom-made, or looking for a nice personalized gift to impress someone special in your life, the reasons go on and on:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Fathers/Mothers day gifts
  • Valentine’s day gifts
  • Promotional items
  • Company events or functions
  • Name and phone number if lost
  • … and a whole lot more!

A wood watch is a perfect gift you can give to that special someone. A wood watch is authentic, stylish and unique.

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